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Main areas of our focus

Money Management

Our system is enabling the user to create a virtue money account manager. This machine is able to link the users bank accounts.

Global Transfers

Our money transfers carter for all countries across the globe and we are offering a free money transfer service across the local markets.

Sending and receiving and cash withdraws

We are offering a free money transfer locally for users of the application. A minimal charge on the on the withdraws made.

Local and international payments

Our product is enhancing digital payment methods such as utility bills and local shopping needs via our scan POS system.
Our product is also enabling the user to make online e payments.

This is our story

MoMo Plus is a online banking service platform that allows users easily link their bank account to the virtue machine that enables them to transact with any bank and also make payments easily.
Our software is built to handle the emerging pressure of money transfers and e payment and non-e payment services.
MoMo Plus is an independent platform able to synchronize users across all types of account enabling a free money transfer for users.

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